Problem 2

Crossing The Desert

A traveler undertakes to walk, alone and without help, across a desert entirely lacking in resources. Every 20 kilometers on the 100 kilometer trail there is a shelter. (20 kilometers is exactly what a traveler can walk in one day.) The traveler can only carry 3 days' food. He can stock food only in shelters. How many days will it take him to cross the desert? — Mr. Simmons

Your Thoughts…

wait…the guy does not have water. then it would be 0 days! taking it really though. but how would the stocking of food matter at all. BEcause if he stocks up on food then it will still take him 5 days to complete it.

Either 5 days or hes coming back answer

Ok, no one is really answering but ok. I think the number of days is going to be a two digit number because I am planning for the traveler to back and forth for the journey.
I THINK it might take like 15 ish days to finish journey.
On the 1st day he walks 20 km to the food shelter. When he arrives there he places his one day worth of food in the shelter. On the second day we walks back to his starting point (with 1 day worth of food in his backpack) for more food. On the third day and fourth he does the same thing as day 1 and 2. On the fifth and sixth day he peats the same thing except he stops at the 20 km shelter. On the seventh and eighth day he picks his food from the 20 km shelter and goes to 40 km shelter. On the ninth and tenth day he goes back to the 20 km shelter and picks up his food and goes back to o km. On the eleventh and twelfth day he gets his 3 day’s worth of food, goes back to the 20km shelter, get one day worth of food, go to the 40 km, get 3 days worth food. On the thirteenth and fourth day he walks to the 60 km shelter and 80 km shelter. On the fifteenth day he finally arrives at the 100 km which is the desert.
- Christine N. :)

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